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For every order you make, we give one packet of treats away to dog shelters!


100% Natural, Healthy Treats

Our furry best friends deserve nothing but the best, especially when it comes to their diets. That's why our Cornwall-made fish treats are full of nutritious Omega-3 and a boat load of other vitamins that makes them essential for a long, happy life.


Enjoyed By Many

All our treats are gently air dried to lock in their delicious taste and retain the numerous nutrients that makes them perfect for all dogs.

Buy One, Give One


My dog absolutely loves the dried sprats!! Her tail doesn't stop wagging whenever I bring them out.

Tracey K.

My cavapoo used to have quite smelly breath but the Whitefish treats helped a lot- the difference is night and day!

Nicholas T.

I'm thrilled I can now support a cause I care about even through the treats I I buy for my dog. Love this business

Daniel B.
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