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Our Story

My Pet Hero is a new and exciting pet products brand started in July of 2020 by Lucio Iarmuratii, a man with a deep love for all the animals on this beautiful planet and one revolutionary goal in mind: to create a global pet brand that will feed the millions of dogs, cats and endangered animals worldwide that are being forgotten about every year.

With so many of the pet food brands mainly aiming to maximise profits at the expense of product quality- or even their morals- the opportunity to start an honest, healthy and delicious treats brand that is on a mission to do good became increasingly obvious. Offering 100% natural, high-quality treats that are healthy for pets, and that pet owners can have full confidence in, is at the core everything we do.

We pride ourselves on offering delicious treats with a boat-load of healthy nutrients that almost no other brand can match. Improved vision, improved dental and joint health, less itchy skin and shinier coats, better brain development and a sharper memory are just some of the life-changing benefits our treats provide. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

The most important part of our story isn't actually about us, but about our customers. That's because every time a customer buys a pack of our treats, they become part of our journey; they become Heroes! And, we don't just say that as a catchphrase, but as a fact. Without our community of Heroes, none of the things we have accomplished thus far would be possible, and certainly not the enormous goals we have yet to accomplish.

Lucio Iarmuratii
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