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Become a Stockist

As a small business we are well placed to serve other businesses both big and small in the pet foods market with very low minimum order quantities.

The pet foods market is growing rapidly each year to keep up with our love for animals, and brands supporting social causes is becoming increasingly important and in demand by customers. This is why we believe that My Pet Hero and all of its stockists are well placed to capitalise on this trend early and work together towards the common goal of supporting both domestic and wild animals in need.

My Pet Hero is the first pet brand dedicated solving a global problem that is pet homelessness and wildlife abuse. In today's world, customers are voting more and more with their money and are actively choosing to purchase only from brands that are socially and environmentally responsible. 

As a stockist of our products, you will benefit from loyal customers that buy our products not only because they are good for their pets but also because of a sense that they themselves are contributing to the cause. It goes without saying that your brick and mortar shop or online store will also improve its image as a more environmentally friendly option.

For trade enquiries and more information please get in touch using the form below.


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